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No easy way to find a good-quality backing track for the required music instrument.


“iTunes” library for backing tracks for playing on any instrument along with a song.

Mobile App

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Mobile app, where you can search for a song and exclude any instruments to play on your real guitar or piano (or any) along with the song just in two taps


Business Model



There are many partial competitors but no one meets two basic, core criteria:

  1. A lot of good quality backing tracks
  2. Ease to use (for searching and playback) mobile app


Has their own content, but for the most part, this is a networking site.
Musicians place profiles and are allowed to jam online. It is not popular, because the user interface is not well designed

The biggest library with multi-tracks.
About 50 000 backtracks for all instruments for $1.99-$2.99 each and 1M visits per month. Tracks come without chords and notes. No mobile app.
Only about 10% songs are good quality.


GarageBand, AmpliTube, etc. - musicians use it for playback and playing along with songs, but they have to find their multi-tracks elsewhere.

Rock band & Guitar Hero

Popular video games with guitar controllers.
Good quality backing tracks
It’s just video games, but some people use them to play on real guitar. In this use case scenario, they do not have many tracks to choose from.

Notes and tabs banks

Some of them, eg. Guitar pro or UltimateGuitar allow you to playback notes, but it sounds synthesised or artificial and doesn’t include vocals

Forums & dump websites,, - sometimes good tracks can be found, and even master tracks, which are likely stolen from recording studios. The search results are unpredictable and not centralised, meaning you have to search many places to find what you want.
iReal Pro - a mobile app which allows browsing all forums in one place but they don't catalogue or index your search for future use, rendering the app irrelevant


Everyone who buys tabs and piano sheets wants
to play along with a song but they don't have
an easy way to satisfy their need


#1 site for guitar tabs
15M unique visitors

>Backinkg tracks

#1 site for instrument backing tracks
0.5M unique visitors per month

*Aerosmith 'earned more' from Guitar Hero than albums
Rock Band & Guitar Hero - makes close to 3M sales units and over $200M revenue per year.

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